Berger’s petition for McCrory is the funniest petition ever. And the saddest.

To state it simply, the website might be the single funniest petition that I have ever laid eyes upon.
And at the same time, it might be the saddest attempt to alleviate the valid criticism laid upon those who passed this discriminatory law.
First, the humor. I do not know what is more hilarious, the man in the background walking into a bathroom with a superimposed “WOMEN” in the door or the smiling governor standing in front of the same door with a look of smug satisfaction.
That actor who is looking straight at the door carries a facial expression seems a little artificial. I cannot determine what he’s internally saying. Maybe it’s “Oh, I can’t believe this is the women’s restroom. I’m sorry. Damn bladder. I will pay attention next time.”
Maybe it’s “I can’t believe they are paying me for this. You know, me walking into the women’s bathroom and stuff.”
Maybe it’s “I am a paid actor trying to look pervy by stalking women, but shouldn’t I be looking more sinister by scoping around me and seeing if someone is looking at me besides the governor?”
Maybe it’s “Why is the governor standing right in front of me and smiling when he should be stopping me from accidently walking into the women’s bathroom?”
Maybe it’s something else.
Another amusing aspect is the picture of the governor, a grown man, in the foreground smiling at the fact that he could just walk into that women’s bathroom as easily as that paid actor in the background. Maybe the other guy is locking the door to keep the governor from walking in.
Of course, I am assuming that he was paid.
But most importantly, nothing instills a sense of safety more than Gov. Pat McCrory, a grown man, standing in front of the women’s restroom, smiling away the other grown men who want to attack our women and children. Now that’s funny.
But there’s the sad part.
This whole campaign is to “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN” and keep grown men from sharing locker rooms and bathrooms with women and children. Pure and simple, that’s a weak argument considering what the ACLU and “other radical, left-wing special interests groups” are actually suing North Carolina over.
Spinning the argument over HB2 into a matter of who goes to what bathroom is really a ruse. The appeal to fear over the safety of children and women is nothing but sad and lame cover of a policy change that not only discriminates the LBGT community but is a power grab over local governments who may not share the same ideologies as those who rammed this bill through.
Furthermore, if is an attempt to fight lawsuits that have been filed against the state, then I would look at the history of lawsuits against the state since the current administration has come to power like the ones concerning redistricting and voter ID. In fact, the state just had to reach into its emergency fund to pay attorney fees in a lawsuit concerning an overreaching abortion bill.
And it’s not just “radical” liberals who are fighting HB2 or making comments against it. The list of companies and other state representatives (who are in the court of public opinion) grows by the minute. They don’t need to sue you. They can just pull their business out of the state. Our emergency fund is not even prepared to replace the losses that come with that (unless the people who sign the petition are willing to fork over their savings to replace those lost funds).
This petition is another way for the governor and senate pro-tem to not have to explain why HB2 was passed in a special session without proper discourse. Just like when the governor has stalled in his many press opportunities to answer direct questions, this petition stalls on a repetitive prepared answer (about grown men in women’s locker rooms) that does nothing but narrow-mindedly scare people into believing that HB2 really is all about the children.
If it really is about the women and children, then expand Medicaid. If it really is about the women and children, then do more to help our public schools. If it really is about women and children, then remove this ridiculous voter ID law that keeps many people related to these women and children from casting votes. If it really is about women and children, then allow the representatives who know them best pass statutes and ordinances that affect them positively.
I can agree that the women and children of North Carolina need protection from some grown men. Not the ones you think go into their bathrooms and locker rooms, but those who pass egregious legislation on West Jones Street.
Maybe we should start a petition. How does sound?

Whatever comes of I do know that I can always print out the petition on Berger’s page if I ever need more toilet tissue.



One thought on “Berger’s petition for McCrory is the funniest petition ever. And the saddest.

  1. I think that this is the same effective game plan of the Republicans. They have used a radical wedge issue to draw attention from the broader, more radical aspect of the law: that it ends the right to sue for discrimination in the state of North Carolina. LGBQT is one issue of discrimination that Republicans have associated with pedophilia and sexual assault in a disgusting political move to obscure the legalization of discrimination OF ALL KINDS in the workplace. They did it with the photo id requirement that obscured the larger picture of many voting limitations. As long as we keep engaging in the argument on the ground that they want to fight on, we of the rational side will have a tough time of it.


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