“License Plates For Lawmakers” or “Why I Live at the DMV”


As in most states, North Carolina’s Department of Motor Vehicles allows car owners to purchase a customized license plate and personalize it with individual text and numbers – as long as it is not already taken by another motorist or it is too inappropriate. Monies collected go to the state with a donation made to the entity honored with the plate.

License plates can reflect so much of the owner’s personality, allegiance to college/pro teams or causes, and hobbies. Simply look at the DMV’s site and begin to imagine the possibilities (https://edmv.ncdot.gov/VehicleRegistration/SpecialPlate#term=Standard).

However, with all of the different plates available, I did not see one that honors educators and public schools. Odd that my childhood state of Georgia does this as well as other states, but the fact that my home state North Carolina does not is a little disheartening.

Teachingspeaksvolumes.com I think has a great template for a license plate that clearly embodies the state legislature’s sentiments on public education.

first in flight

Appropriate, right? Maybe a special session of the General Assembly could make this a reality.

But for right now, I just want to concentrate on the two basic plates that the state offers – the classic FIRST in FLIGHT and the newer FIRST in FREEDOM.

Imagine if you had the ability to “test” drive license plates for those people who would be best reflected by the personalization. The irony would not only be humorous, but actually sadistic as well.



Note: If the plate is green, then it actually is available in the system.



Don’t think so. FIRST in FREEDOM and LGBT are not allowed in the same sentence in NC. But it would be a great tag when HB2 gets repealed.



Again, don’t think so. That HB2 thing.



I like this one. I can imagine many in the state who would gladly have this adorn their vehicle.



Interestingly, this one would not be allowed. Sounds like Big Brother already has taken this one away.



This is available. A great tag to have with the upcoming elections coming up.



FIRST in FLIGHT and “Common Sense”. Yep, it sure has flown out of NC. Maybe the governor could have this one.



FIRST in FLIGHT and SANITY. Dammit, someone’s gotten it!



I went middle school on this one. But the fact that it is green is hilarious since it means that it passes the filters.



FIRST in FREEDOM and EXCEPT LGBT. No truer words said.




This one wins the award for irony.



I can think of a few on West Jones Street this might be appropriate for.



Again, I can think of a few on West Jones Street this might be appropriate for.




This one is for the champions of the for-profit charter school industry. Say Sen. Jerry Tillman?



Perfect for those who want to revert back to a time when Jim Crow laws were prevalent in NC.



For Sen. Buck Newton. Also, I heard he never have turns the steering wheel left. He would rather make three rights.




Actually saw this one on Sen. Phil Berger’s car.




Rep. Rob Bryan has claim to this one.




I made this one for our current LT. Governor, Dan Forest.




The governor can put this one on his car that still runs on leaded gasoline and gets three miles to the gallon.




Do you think that the governor has a third vehicle?

With the possibilities, you can bet there will be more made for a later date.

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