What Would Jesus Wear? Apparently White After Labor Day


Satan is at it again according to Kami Meuller.

He’s voting.

And tempting people in long early voting lines to vote for candidates who may overturn years of regression in the form of Voter ID laws, gerrymandered districts, and LGBT discrimination.

And Satan is wearing a pantsuit.

Probably white. In fact, all people who wear white are satanic, right Kami?

Check out the story on NC Policy Watch’s blog – NC GOP worried about long lines, pantsuits, and Satan. It talks of Kami Meuller, she of the “political peacocking” fame.

The posting itself starts with,”

The folks at the N.C. Republican Party sent out a few interesting tweets this week, one of them from Communications Director Kami Mueller who was apparently worried about the long lines at some early voting sites on Thursday, the first day of early voting. She gave people a number to call for voting assistance.

Thank goodness the NCGOP is helping us with the very process that they tried to discourage.

In fact, I am very grateful that they believe that people who are going to vote are probably going to make their decision while in line because they are undecided anyways. No wonder they don’t want Satan influencing early voting participants.

Actually, I am being facetious. And the word “facetious” uses all of the vowels in order. Wait, make it an adverb and you get “facetiously.” Wow, now you really have all of the vowels! Try that at your next party or Jeopardy game.

NC Policy Watch also included a Tweet from Ms. Meuller that ranks about as logical and sound as the ones she sent out after the NCAA pulled its championships games from NC in response to HB2.


Forget the talk of Clinton’s wanting to kill babies and being bought. It’s the fashion critique that makes me want to judge Clinton.

But as I was pondering about voting early, I thought “What Would Jesus Wear?” And I got this.

He’s wearing white!

And after Labor Day!

Maybe God is trying to get his vote in early as well.