Winter Is Coming – POTUS and The Game Of Thrones

Winter is coming.

No, seriously. Winter is coming. December 21st. Winter solstice. Happens every year.

However, for you Game of Thrones fans, winter has been coming for quite a while. The Wildlings have crossed through the wall, strange alliances made, and preparations for the coming apocalyptic standoff between the living and dead.

It’s weird stuff. Kind of like 99.5 starting its Christmas music slate for the holiday season a couple of days after Donald Trump won election as the POTUS.

Winter is coming.

The parallels between George R. R. R. R. R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series and reality really are not hard to forge. In fact, they are almost prophetic. Think about it for a minute. We have had families vying for control of the White House here in the past few years. House Bush, House Clinton, House Baratheon, House Targaryen, etc.

See, it’s easy.

GOTR is really a lot like the metaphorical representation of the American political terrain. There is the struggle for power by gathering as much support as possible. Strange alliances are made and resources mobilized to defeat factions vying for control of the Iron Throne. Sorry, the Oval Office. There are:

  • Powerful Women. The number of women leading forces in GOTR cannot be overlooked especially when a woman won the popular vote for the election on November 8th. Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, doesn’t really have to worry about elections. That whole “can’t be burned” thing and the control of dragons is actually more powerful than a ballot box. Trump would love those dragons. He probably thinks he could defeat ISIS with them.
  • Religious Voters. The role of organized religion in our current election season was again huge. With the evangelical vote and the backing of people like Jerry Falwell, Jr., Trump carried certain segments of the population. Imagine the power the High Sparrow could give a presidential candidate. Even the Many-Faced God has an effect over people.
  • Sexual Improprieties. Many people have called GOTR “medieval porn with a plot.” I present to you “locker room” talk and the rumors of affairs by people associated with both parties.
  • Wild Weather. Grayscale is probably caused by climate change.
  • WALLS! No further explanation needed.
  • Downcast People. There was the “Basket of Deplorables” and The Unsullied.
  • Politics. Again, no further explanation needed.
  • Hair. Would Trump look like Varys if a gust of wind came and blew his combover away?
  • Outsiders. Trump is not an established politician. But then again, Trump was not brought back to life like Jon Snow was.
  • House Signs. Trump will have one. Trust me.
  • Dragons. GOTR has real ones. Our political scene has lots of people who spew venom and fire.
  • Prophets and Seers? Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven. Nate Silver really sucked at predicting the results of this election.
  • Mottoes. “A Lannister Pays His Debts.” “Make America Great Again.”
  • Causalities. In GOTR, no one is safe. Especially the good guys. In today’s political climate, no one is safe either.
  • Doppelgangers. If you can’t see how people from today’s political campaigns could easily be spoofs of characters like Littlefinger, Varys, Brienne of Tarth, Cersei, Joffrey, and Melisandre, then you need a good two weeks of binge watching.
  • Subplots. Every character has subplots in GOTR. That’s why the books are so damn long. But think of Bridgegate, Whitewater, “Grab Them by the *****,” settling on the moon, etc.
  • The Emasculated. Theon Greyjoy aside, think of the political careers that have now been rendered ineffectual. Chris Christie anyone? Sure, he will probably get a post, but he may have lost any cred in Jersey.
  • Beards. Lots of them in Game of Thrones. None really in the POTUS ELECTION but it’s also “No Shave November.” You never know.
  • Hands. Jaime Lannister has a fake hand. He is also the “Hand of the King”. Donald Trump’s hand size have been called into question.
  • Honey Badgers. Trump has run for president before. You cannot ever doubt his resiliency and pursuit. And you can’t keep him down. Same with Hillary Clinton. Tough as nails. But try putting out the fires of the Clegane brothers (“The Mountain” and “The Hound”).
  • Bathrooms. Remember that scene when Tyrion shot Tywin while he was answering Nature’s call?  Yep. That reminds all of us that even the most powerful person of the free world has to answer to Nature. However, I imagine there is Secret Service around.

But there are some unique characteristics of certain characters that Game of Thrones has that cannot be translated into our current reality. And that is the loyalty that some of the more endearing characters in GOTR possess. And if I was running for political office, I would want them on my side.

  • Give me a Tyrion Lannister who is smart, savvy, dry, and committed to at least make you love him as a character. He possesses intangibles that no campaign slogan could ever embody. That and he defies his appearance. And he is by far the most intriguing person in the entire series.
  • Give me Arya Stark who is tough as nails and thinks for herself and completely devoted to a purpose.
  • Give me Jorah Mormont and Davos Seaworth who see the need to combine forces for a greater good.
  • Give me Samwell Tarly because not all heroes look the same way. That and he reads a lot. Always good.
  • Give me Hodor. Enough said. Yep, I cried at that one.
  • And throw in a couple of those dragons. They do kick ass.

Yes, Winter is coming. Go hug your family and live life.