Musings With Malcolm – Krispy Kreme Kurt Rambis

The boy got new glasses today. Actually they’re specially made for a kid with his good looks. 

If you notice in the picture these glasses come with a strap and a specially fitted nose bridge. Just right. 

Grandma won these frames at the Buddy Walk. Mom took him to get them lenses. I got to pick them up with the little man. And he likes them. 

Then we go get a donut at the only place that is fully endorsed by Malcolm – the Krispy Kreme in Stratford Road. 

Then once we get there I have this moment. He looks just like Kurt Rambis, formerly of the Lakers and now a coach in the NBA. He was known for his glasses and blue collar mentality. 

Eerie, ain’t it?

Then if you remember an earlier post about Malcolm’s love of coffee, as I write this post and reach for my coffee I notice the little man has absconded with my coffee. 

Probably because he sees the cup in full focus.