I Love My Wife To Death – Even Got It On A Birthday Cake

Behold the Rafflesia arnoldii which is also the largest known flower in the world.


It is also known for its distinctive smell which resembles that of a rotting corpse. That is why it is also known as the “Stinking Corpse Lily” or one of the “Corpse Flowers.”

So, back up a couple of days.

My wife’s birthday was yesterday and she loves cake, especially if it has a lot of icing. As she is being careful with what she eats, she has looked forward to her birthday as a time to lightly slurge on cake and icing.

On Monday, I ask what she might want on her cake through a text message. Jokingly, I said that I would put a large icing flower on the cake just for her.

She responds,

“It can be the size of the Rafflesia arnoldii but not the scent or taste, please.”

What the hell is she talking about?

Then I look it up.

Wow! Big. I get it. Large icing flower. But it’s a corpse flower, but we were married on Halloween weekend and it is her favorite holiday and she does like scary movies and weird sci-fi shows like Stranger Things and such.

So, I go with it.

Off to Lowe’s Foods and the bakery department and a nice young lady says she is willing to add something on top of a cake for me. And I explain that I need this flower on top of the cake for my wife’s birthday.

“Sure! A rose?”

“No. Not exactly.”

So, I show her a picture. From Wikipedia usin gthe scientific name.

“It’s her favorite flower.”

“I think I can do that.”

“It needs to cover the whole top of the cake.” The cake really isn’t that big, but go with me. “With a gaping hole in the middle.”

Pause as she reflects on the image.

“What color is that?”

“Pale flesh, maybe?”

“Give me fifteen minutes.”

So, I go shopping for another fifteen minutes and come back. It’s done. It’s beautiful.

And then I explain that it’s a corpse flower.

“For her birthday?”

“Yep. And she is going to love it thanks to you.”


“Yes. Very cool.”

Cue Addams Family music …


That’s right. She loved it. Smelled wonderful and tasted even better.

And it proves that I love my wife to death.

Happy Birthday to my best friend.