The Cardiac Kids From Clemmons, NC

You can have all of the talent in the world. You can have every resource at your disposal. You can have every appearance of being a winner.

But you may never be a champion.

Why? That’s an “inside job.”

Last night’s victory in the CPC Championship game will be remembered by many for the final score. But I believe that those who were in attendance and especially those on the field will remember that that win wasn’t just won on the grassy, 120-yard turf.

It was mostly won because of what those young people had inside of them.

Heart. Simply heart. With a huge side of guts and soul.

Having heart tells you that your success is in your hands.

Having heart means you have a short  memory on mistakes but forever remember what you learned from them.

Having heart means that you are convinced you are still in the game no matter what the score or how much time is left on the clock.

Having heart means you have faith in your teammates, but always listening to the coaches.

Having heart means that no matter whose stadium you play in as long as it’s about team, it will always be a “home-field” advantage.

Having heart means that you recognize that your “team” is not just the ones wearing the uniforms and the pads. It includes the cheerleaders, dance team, student section, and the family and friends in the stands.

Having heart means that last night’s victory was only part of a bigger quest – one that started in the weight room the day after last season ended.

The more you use it, the bigger and stronger it gets.

And that was a lot of heart the Titans showed last night.

Preparation for the next game starts last night.



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