Dear Guilford and Rockingham Counties, Every Public School in NC Needs You To Elect Jen Mangrum to the NC General Assembly

News today that Sen. Phil Berger and Rep. Tim Moore might be considering a maneuver to ramrod their budget through the NC General Assembly without any debate or chance for amendment is not surprising.

“According to top Democrats who spoke to Policy Watch this week, that may be because Republican lawmakers are considering a maneuver that would dramatically limit debate on the privately negotiated spending plan in the coming days.

State House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson says members of his party believe the GOP may pack the entire budget bill—negotiated by House and Senate leadership behind closed doors—into a conference committee report either late this week or early next week. While such a tactic is not unheard of at the General Assembly, this would be an unprecedented move with respect to the state budget according to several longtime lawmakers and legislative staffers” ( 

Berger’s tactics as the leader of the NC Senate have been nothing short of detrimental to public schools in North Carolina despite his silky rhetoric.

In this election year, Berger does have a strong opponent running against him: Jen Mangrum.

If you braved the cold temps in January and attended the Class Size Chaos Rally in Raleigh, you probably ran into Jen Mangrum. She was there to lend support.

If you came to the May 16th Rally and March, then you probably came within feet of her. She was there.

Mangrum is an educator. In fact, she is an educator of educators and is the daughter of … yes … educators. In the times that I have been in her company, I have found her accessible, compassionate, and straightforward.

I hope she is the person who unseats Phil Berger.