3 Members of the NC State Board of Education Have Resigned To Help Public Schools

When Bill Cobey announced his resignation from the State Board of Education in July effective in September, it seemed coincidental.

But maybe not.

Since then two other members have submitted resignations from the SBE.


Alex Granados reported today for EdNC.org:

“Also since the resolution of the Supreme Court case and reorganization at DPI, Cobey, as well as Board Member Becky Taylor, both announced their resignations. Today, Board member Greg Alcorn added his name to that list, announcing his resignation in a letter to Governor Roy Cooper” (https://www.ednc.org/2018/08/10/two-formerly-high-level-dpi-staffers-out-another-state-board-members-resigns/).

Granados then reminds readers that all three of these people were selected for their terms by Pat McCrory. They are republican appointees. They have submitted resignations during Roy Cooper’s term, a democrat.

“Since the vacancies have occurred prior to the end of the Board members’ terms, Cooper can appoint new members to finish out their time on the Board without seeking legislative approval. Appointees to the State Board require legislative confirmation if they are being appointed to full terms, but not if they are filling a premature vacancy.

That may be particularly helpful to Cooper, who has had trouble getting his appointees through the General Assembly.”

Cooper can fill their spots with people he deems loyal to his agenda until the terms end next March.

Imagine if there is a “blue-wave” in November and Cooper gets a legislature that confirms permanent replacements he specifically appoints.

The entire SBE changes complexion.

Because three people took an action to try and create a check and balance within Raleigh that seized power of the public school system and placed it in the hands of a person who bends to the will of those who want to privatize public education.

What those three people did was to help students and public schools. They placed principles before politics.


One thought on “3 Members of the NC State Board of Education Have Resigned To Help Public Schools

  1. Our public schools needs everybody’s commitment to survived….Some times it
    implais giving up on something in order to do the right thing to do aboutt it!

    All my respect and gratitud for these outstanding advocates of education for all!
    God bless you all and bless all Americans with more educators like you are’


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