Find a Teacher in Eastern NC and…

…ask what you can do to help. If anyone knows what is needed in a community that has been hit hard by natural disasters or other catastrophic events, then it is a public school teacher.

See if a school needs cleaning supplies or any other essentials that they may need to continue serving students and communities.

See if a teacher has set up an Amazon Wish List and gift them something with it.

See if you can send any pre-paid Visa cards to them so they can purchase items most needed now.

See if there is an organization that a teacher can recommend efor donating money or services that directly helps those communities.

See if the service clubs and organizations in your own schools can do fundraising efforts for those schools hit hard.

Ask school systems spared by the storm if they would consider sending extra textbooks or extra instructional materials to schools that may need them.

Call up a school in an effected area and see if you can donate lunch money for students who will have to spend weeks if not months to get settled.

Think of something. Then do it.

And share the idea with another and encourage them to help as well.