Wayne County Does Not Want the ISD Takeover – Taking Mark Johnson’s #NCReads Tips to Understand the Wording of WCPS’s Response Letter

Every so often, State Supt. Mark Johnson releases an “NC Reads Reading Tip” on his Twitter account to give suggestions to parents and guardians about how to help foster and greater love of reading at home.


Considering those who have propped up Johnson as the state’s leader of the public school system also are trying to take over schools that suffer from high poverty and give them over to private charter companies through the Innovative School District, maybe using some of the NC Read Reading Tips to try and understand what little oversight is being used would be helpful.

It could also show whether the tips are helpful and/or show the lack of transparency and community “buy-in” that the Innovative School District really displays.

Below are some suggestions of how to use those reading tips solely to better understand how Wayne County does not want to have Carver Heights Elementary taken over by the state’s ISD district which falls under the umbrella of Mark Johnson and his version of DPI.

1.Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Traveling for #FourthOfJuly celebrations? Try to spend some time reading with your child to pass time. If you are driving, play audio-books that your child picks out or encourage them to read on their own. #NCReads

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Traveling for Thanksgiving? Try to spend some time reading with your family that straightforward response that Wayne County officials had to the ISD’s selection of Carver Heights. See if you can make sense of these words:

“On behalf of the Wayne County Board of Education and the entire public
school community in Wayne County, we are writing to express our serious
concerns and great dismay regarding the recommendation to transfer Carver
Heights Elementary School (CHES) from Wayne County Public Schools (WCPS)
to the Innovative School District (ISD) in the 2019-2020 school year. The ISD is
without a proven school turnaround record, without a strategic plan to assist our
children, and without any accountability to the taxpayers, parents or children of
Wayne County. Dr. Eric Hall and Ms. LaTeesa Allen witnessed our community’s
outrage at the public meeting held at Carver Heights Elementary School on
October 8, 2018. In addition, Dr. Hall has received petitions from the community
and NAACP with nearly 2,000 signatures (so far) opposing the transfer” (http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/10-31-18-Forest_NCBOE-letter-Exhbits-redacted-resumes.pdf). 

If you are driving, have someone else read those words to you  and determine if Wayne County strongly rejects the idea of ISD coming to their system as if you read them aloud yourself.  #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

2. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “If you’re excited about a book or article that you’ve recently read, talk to your child about it! Your enthusiasm will show your child just how fun reading can be.”

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: If you’re frustrated about realizing how inadequately the state is really helping Carver Heights Elementary all in the name of a privatization effort, then talk to others about it! Your frustration will show your friends just how stupid the ISD reform effort really is! #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

3. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip:“After finishing a story, have your child repeat the big events of the story in chronological order. Incorporate #drawing to make it even more engaging! “

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: After finishing reading the letter from Wayne County officials, try to explain what how the state could not understand what it says. Incorporate #handjestures like a “faceplant” to make it even more frustrating! #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

4. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Give your child books with predictable vocabulary and clear rhythmic patterns. This way they can “hear” the sound of fluent reading as they read the book aloud. #AudioBooks are great for them to follow along with as well.”

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Try and figure out which parts of the Wayne County letter can not be understood – which should be NONE. Read this aloud to your kids in a fluent manner:

“An additional concern for WCPS is the heavily segregated nature of Carver Heights
Elementary School. WCPS is actively engaged with a highly respected demographer and is analyzing the demographics of the district as the next step in a redistricting process intended to address the makeup of our schools. The taking of this school, and the restrictions on school assignment in the ISD statutes would prevent and interfere with these efforts for possibly the next five (5) years, to the detriment of our overall student population, the students at Carver Heights Elementary School, and our community as a whole” (http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/10-31-18-Forest_NCBOE-letter-Exhbits-redacted-resumes.pdf). 

This way people can “hear” just how ludicrous this ISD takeover is. #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

5. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Before children can identify letter sounds in words or reading, they can learn how spoken language can be broken down into smaller pieces. Help children learn to break sentences down into words, then words into syllables.”

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Before people can identify exactly what the letter states, they can try and break down the text into smaller pieces. In fact, the letter follows a logical outline.  Help them learn that no matter how one reads the letter, Wayne County does not want the ISD taking over Carver Heights. #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

6. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Reading just 20 minutes a day with your child will help them read on grade level. Be sure to ask questions about what they read. Talking about the words in the book will help them understand what they are reading even more. #NCEd#NCReads

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Actually in 20 minutes, one could read the letter many times and get the same result – Wayne County does not want the ISD takeover. #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

7. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Bring along a book or a magazine any time your child has to wait for something. Whether it be at the doctor or in the cart at the grocery store, it is always helpful to fit in reading practice!”

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Bring along a pillow any time you and your friends have to wait for something. You can have something to scream into if you pass that time reading the letter and knowing that the ISD district will not in any way take it to heart. #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

8. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Early readers can practice retelling a story after reading by drawing pictures of the beginning, middle and end of the story. As they continue to grow as a reader, they can label the pictures and write their own summaries for each.”

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Early readers can practice retelling a story after reading by drawing pictures. Try that with this letter and visually show the dismay that Wayne County has towards the state’s selection of Wayne County. There are MANY PICTURES ONE CAN USE.

MANY! Like:



9. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “Read a story over and over to your child, even if it feels like the 100th time! As you read, pause and ask your child about what is going on in the book. Be sure to ask about pictures too. You are helping your child build comprehension!”

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: Read that letter over and over to yourself, even if it feels like the 100th time! Notice how it still states that the community does not want this ISD takeover. #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.

10. Actual NC Reads Reading Tip: “When reading at home, try to do so in a place where your children can see you reading, like a living room. When parents set this kind of example, children are more likely to try to emulate them and read on their own as well! #NCReads#NCEd

NC Reads Wayne County ISD Pushback Tip: When reading the Wayne County response letter at home, try to do so in a place where your family can see you reading, like a living room. When parents start getting irritated because they know that the powers that be want to really turn over public schooling to a private entity piece by piece, children will more than likely understand that the NCGA is deliberately weakening public education. #NCReadsWayneCountyISDPushback.