To Be a Public School Teacher Uninvited to Mark Johnson’s Dinner – A Must Read Response to the State Super

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The link above and the tweet belong to Kim Mackey, a brilliant teacher activist here in North Carolina.

Kim wrote a letter to Mark Johnson concerning the revocation of her invitation that she requested through the EventBrite link for the Feb. 19th Innovation & Leadership Dinner where major announcements about public education will be made in front of a private audience.

And it is something that every teacher in North Carolina should read.

It starts:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

My name is Kim Mackey and I would like to follow up regarding the cancellation of my ticket, and the tickets of other classroom stakeholders, to your Innovation and Leadership Dinner on February 19. As a teacher in my fifteenth year of teaching with hopes of staying in the classroom for at least another fifteen years, and a parent of two children who will be passing through public schools over the next fifteen years, I am sincerely interested in being present for your scheduled announcement regarding the future of education in North Carolina.

In your letter rescinding my ticket, you mentioned that you are “at capacity.” I can assure you that as someone who ends my day with a class of 34 seniors in a trailer classroom, I am accustomed to tight spaces. If you wish to spare me from the discomfort of an overcrowded room, I deal with it all day at work so a few hours one evening in a convention center sized-room is no sweat. I will bear any crowd to hear you announce that the state will invest in constructing more brick and mortar classrooms with lower class sizes to foster the development of our students.

You also “regret” that you will “not be able to provide…a seat at the dinner…”

Please take the time to read the rest here.