How About #NC2019? 30 Ways To Make NC the Best Place to Learn and Teach That Won’t Take 11 Years

Would Mark Johnson ever think of fighting for any of these?

  1. Restore longevity pay for teachers.
  2. Restore graduate degree pay for teachers.
  3. Restore career status and due-process for teachers.
  4. Fully fund schools and bring per-pupil expenditure to pre-recession levels adjusted for inflation.
  5. Stop merit pay schemes.
  6. Stop performance pay and bonuses.
  7. Get rid of the School Performance Grading system.
  8. Get rid of the Municipal Charter School Bill.
  9. Make the voucher system much more transparent.
  10. Place a cap back on charter schools.
  11. Give teachers more voice in educational policy.
  12. Get rid of the new principal pay program.
  13. Value growth over proficiency.
  14. Have a state superintendent not afraid to rally with pubic schools.
  15. Fully restore the Teaching Fellows Program.
  16. Stop relying on SAS and EVAAS to measure teacher effectiveness with secret algorithms.
  17. Restore the number of teacher assistants lost since 2008.
  18. Get rid of the ISD.
  19. Protect the specials in our schools and stop using class size chaos as a weapon.
  20. Actually start addressing poverty in our communities.
  21. Offer more wraparound services.
  22. Employ more nurses, counselors, and social services in our schools.
  23. Supply schools with more textbooks.
  24. Stop trying to use business models in educational reforms.
  25. Be more inclusive of special needs students in schools.
  26. Have much more regulation of ESA’s.
  27. Restore professional development funds on the state level.
  28. Reduce standardized testing by completely eliminating tests, not shortening them.
  29. Give teachers more planning time to collaborate.
  30. Let school districts have calendar flexibility.

Then we can talk about how erroneous talk about “average” teacher pay and make sure that veteran teachers are receiving pay increases as well.





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