“They’re our best teachers” – Then Treat Them Better to Make Sure There Will Always be Veteran Teachers

Last Thursday a bill was filed that would let retired teachers come back to help in Title I schools.

From the News & Observer on March 29th:

Senate Bill 399 filed Thursday would let retired teachers work at Title I schools or schools that receive a D or F grade under the state’s school performance system without it hurting their retirement benefits. Teachers could earn $35,000 to $40,000 a year and still collect their current pensions.

Sen. Rick Horner, a Wilson Republican and one of the primary sponsors, said current state law limits the ability of retired teachers to return to work full-time in the state’s public schools.

“They’re our best teachers,” Horner, co-chairman of the Senate Education Committee, said in an interview Friday. “It makes no sense not to figure a way for them to come back to work for us.

He specifically said, “They’re our best teachers.”

Then I have to ask, why has the NCGA gone out of its way to not treat veteran teachers respectfully?

But more than that, why has the NCGA gone out of its way to make sure that there will not be as many veteran teachers or even retirees in the future when they are “our best teachers?”

Remember this is the same NCGA that removed graduate degree pay, removed career status, removed investment in applying for national boards, removed health benefits for new hires, and complains about the pension system already in place for teachers.

They are the ones who made the very school performance grading system that classifies these schools as low-performing.

They are also the ones who have not attacked the most important reason these schools are Title I schools to begin with: POVERTY. Over 20% of our public school students live at or under the poverty line.

So, to those who files this bill, if this sentiment that we veteran teachers are really the best, then could you share that with the other members of the NCGA who have been rather negligent of us.

Many of us will be in Raleigh on May 1st. Be glad to meet with you in person.