This Was Supposed to Make The Teaching Profession More Inviting in NC According the NCGA (From 2014)

Rather than discourage teachers from remaining in the profession, the quick route to top pay will lure more teachers into the profession, which some say is not happening now because it takes too long to get maximum pay, Tillman said.

The above is in reference to Sen. Jerry Tillman comments on an initiative for teachers to “sell” their tenure for more money. It also is making reference to the new (at that time) pay scale that had teachers topping out in their salary by the 15th year of their careers.

It comes from an article by the Carolina Journal which is a publication of the John Locke Foundation which has championed many of the educational reforms that really have had a negative effect on public schools.

Remember that in the years under control by people like Jerry Tillman and Phil Berger, career status has been taken away, longevity pay taken away, advanced degree pay has been taken away, and salary scales manipulated.

All to make it “more inviting to be a teacher in NC? Or as Tillman says “lure” more in.

That article is worth reading to see how horribly wrong those policies are.

Why? Because this is what is happening to the profession in NC.

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 Thanks to Justin Parmenter for the graphs.



One thought on “This Was Supposed to Make The Teaching Profession More Inviting in NC According the NCGA (From 2014)

  1. That this was spearheaded by that Benedict Arnold Tillman, a former educator, is insulting enough. But the two points that I find most idiotic are these:
    1) that the TOP salary a teacher with a bachelors and 25+ years experience can make is $52,000 — like that’s a whopping salary in ANY career with a degree and that level of experience. It is still well below the national average and below that “average teacher salary of $54,000” they keep touting; and
    2) that sure — once teachers hit year 15, they will make $50,000. But they will not receive a SINGLE RAISE for next 10 years! And then they will only receive $167 more per month (before taxes) for as long as they continue to teach. Is there ANY other career that would use THIS to lure qualified candidates??
    Nope — it’s about DISCOURAGING recruitment of college grads and/or hoping teachers will become so disheartened or fed up that they bail before year 15 or shortly thereafter, keeping the profession young, cheap, and afraid to speak out and advocate because they do not have career status. And of course, the fewer certified teachers we have, the more opportunities THEY have to privatize education in NC. Just baffles the mind….


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