About Sen. Berger’s Really Bad Sports Analogy Concerning the NCAE

A recent ABC11.com posting quoted another Phil Berger platitude that again shows his intentional disconnect with the state of public education.

“The far-left NCAE has changed the goalposts year after year,” Phil Berger said in a statement. 

He said the teachers union is “trying to mislead the public into thinking Republicans are bad for education.”

First, anything that does not agree with Berger is far-left. But his sports analogy really does not work here, especially considering that most athletic coaches in our public schools are also teachers.

So the NCAE has changed the goalposts? Hardly.  The goalposts are the same. The problem is that there are so many ill-conceived reforms that Berger and his cronies have championed and pushed through that he has lost sight what is at stake.


In reality, NCAE has been the consistent party here.

If anything, what Berger and his ilk have done is to constantly change the playing field. New standards, under-funding, over-testing, school performance grading, salary scales changes, vouchers, unregulated charter school growth, elimination of benefits, etc., have been aimed at creating a constant flux for public school educators and advocates to navigate and yet we still effectively teach students.

And it’s hard to kick a ball through any goalpost when the person holding the very ball refuses to let the kicker actually boot it through.

Reminds this teacher of the classic Peanuts cartoon by Charles Schultz with Lucy and Charlie Brown except in this scenario… well, it’s apparent.


The goalposts have always been in Raleigh planted on West Jones Street. Except, on May 1st, the plan will not be to kick a field goal.

It will be to score many touchdowns.

See you in the trenches.



One thought on “About Sen. Berger’s Really Bad Sports Analogy Concerning the NCAE

  1. Phil Berger is on the, “dark side,” of the force if he even has any. Berger and Moore are leading themselves and their party into infamy, not glory. They are on the wrong side of history. I don’t know how to educate all of the Republicans on the need for a sound and well funded public education system. I’m sure that at least 1/2 of my students’ families who vote probably vote Republican, but I’m pretty sure that less than half vote unless it’s a presidential election. Of course, I do not share my party preferences, just my process for educating myself before I vote.


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