Mark Johnson’s Fuzzy Math On His Latest “Facts”

When Mark Johnson released his latest attempt at presenting himself and those who control him in a favorable light, he intentionally created a scenario that wasn’t really true.



Notice that he used the word “median” multiple times and compared averages to medians in a couple of places.

To be clear, “median” and “average” are two different calculations.

Lauren Fox, the Senior Policy Director at The NC Forum, gave a great explanation of how the intermixing of medians and averages can create a rather muddy version of what Mark Johnson might consider the truth, but is really an attempt at spin.

She actually went into that NC School Finances tool. Here’s what she tweeted yesterday and allowed to be posted on this blog:


Seems that Johnson is using the medians as the means to a spun end.

Oh, and take a look at that NC School Finances website:


That web address is

Yep, it’s SAS.