About Mark Johnson’s Comments on The NC House Education Budget Proposals

Remember when Mark Johnson ran on a platform of giving more local school systems more control over how they ran their schools?

The most recent budget proposals from the NC House seems to give a lot of more “state control of local systems,” especially in how they are to give personal leave to teachers who ask for it even though they already earned through their service.

Think of the unfunded mandates that the state gives to local LEA’s. Most LEA’s are having to contribute more to the health benefits and retirement for state employees. There are the local supplements that LEA’s solely provide, but the state uses to help brag about average teacher pay. And now LEA’s are having to dish out more money to charter schools in their districts that they have no control over.

And Johnson says that he likes the budget proposals.


“While we are only at the beginning of the process, I am pleased to see so many of our #NC2030 top priorities in the House education budget bill. I thank the members of the NC House for their support. This plan continues the legislature’s focus on K-12 education, with substantial funding increases for classroom supplies, textbooks and digital resources, and school-safety grants providing mental-health supports and school safety resources. We have more work to do, but we are on the right track.”

I encourage every public school advocate to read that budget proposal from the House.

Especially looking at what is included concerning the voucher system which, if this budget has its way, would create an even less transparent voucher system.