“Teaching is a fruitful and fulfilling career!”

Says the man who spent less than two calendar years training and actually teaching in a classroom.

On this Teacher Appreciation Day, yet another email appeared in the inbox from the state superintendent. Another copy of the same email appeared in my personal email’s inbox.

I have never given Johnson’s office my personal email which probably means his office got it through PowerSchool databases. And his email refers recipients to his personal .com website.


Ironic that Johnson talks about teachers who literally rallied against his policies and what he never stands for are asked to tell students to embark on a career that he has helped weaken.

And it’s ironic that Johnson talks about how the profession is a great one to start in.

We should talk to our students about considering the teaching profession. Teacher compensation is competitive with other careers. (Starting salaries for teachers in NC range from $35,000 to $41,000 per school year — the average is $39,300 — while the average salary for graduates from our UNC system is $26,400 one year after college.)

But is it a great one to spend an entire working career in considering the attacks on veteran teachers in this state? New teachers will never have career status, advanced degree pay, or longevity pay unless they are won back. Johnson isn’t fighting for them because he knows that toward the middle or the end of the pay scale, teachers already plateau when it comes to salaries. Over a 25-30 career that literally dispels any veracity in Johnson’s message.


But Johnson knows that.

It’s why he never stayed in the teaching profession.