Could Someone Please Share This With Mark Johnson & Rep. Craig Horn? “The Messy Reality of Personalized Learning”

“His larger “argument, though—that the alliance between education policymakers and billionaire technologists could undermine the role of teachers and the public sphere—has only become more relevant.”


A July 10th piece in The New Yorker and also posted by the Hechinger Report entitled “The messy reality of personalized learning” might be something every public education advocate in North Carolina should read.

Then go back and review all that Mark Johnson has said about “personalizing” learning here in North Carolina.

New, personalized learning technology allows teachers to get the information they need about students’ progress without high-stakes testing. Especially in the early grades, progress checks can feel like a normal, engaging lesson instead of an examination. In many cases, students won’t even know we are checking in on their progress.” – Mark Johnson from “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna test it anymore!” in January of 2019 on

“At DPI, we want to transform our education system to one that uses 21st century best practices so students and educators have access to unique learning experiences personalized for their individual needs and aspirations.” – Mark Johnson from “North Carolina Public Schools Accelerating into 2018” in December of 2017 on

“Our society uses technology to personalize our news, social media, entertainment options, and even fast-food orders.” – Mark Johnson from “North Carolina Public Schools Accelerating into 2018” in December of 2017 on

Then go back and see the program that Rep. Craig Horn wanted to bring in to create a virtual pre-K for low-income students.


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