Read To Achieve Has A Fever And The Only Prescription Is To End It

NAEP reports for 2019 were released early this morning, and if you are one who looks at the NAEP is a good measurement of student progress, then what the results say about Phil Berger’s Read to Achieve initiative is not good.

Not that it will stop Mark Johnson from passing out iPads and championing iStation.

From today’s News & Observer:

North Carolina’s reading scores are now lower than before the state launched a major effort earlier this decade to boost literacy skills for young children, according to the latest round of national exams released Wednesday.

In 2012, state lawmakers created the Read To Achieve program to try to get more students reading at grade level by the end of third grade. But results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the nation’s report card, show that both reading scores and the percentage of North Carolina students displaying at least basic reading skills is now lower than in 2011.

Policy analyst Kris Nordstrom probably says it best with this tweet.


If you look at the actual report, then you can see that Read to Achieve has had no effect whatsoever on our 3rd graders achievement.




These snapshots begin with the 2011 report.

2011 was when Phil Berger took control of the NCGA Senate and began all of his “educational reforms.”


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