The NCGA – Where Shrubs & License Plates Mean More Than Helping Public Education

The following tweets show various bills that were filed to help improve conditions for public education. These come from Keung Hui, the education reporter for the News & Observer in Raleigh.

Please notice a common theme.


No GOP sponsors.

There’s a bill to restore Masters Pay for new teachers.

There’s a bill to postpone the class-size mandate for a year.

There’s a bill to help Pre-K funding.

There’s an infrastructure bond request for the next election ballot.

There’s a bill to require more transparency of how vouchers are really working.

There’s a bill to help address findings in the Leandro report.


But we do have these…


license plate1

And those TeachNC license plates? Those aren’t for raising money for public education. They’re for providing “advertisement” of a program to recruit teachers through non-traditional avenues because this state has gone out of its way to create a teacher-candidate shortage.




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