About the author – Stu Egan

Stu Egan is an English Teacher in the Winston-Salem / Forsyth County School system. Having taught all grades and levels of high school English, he currently teaches AP English Language and Composition and Shakespeare 101 and 102.

All thoughts are his and he argues that the First Amendment covers teachers as well as all other citizens. Furthermore, he argues that due process rights for veteran teachers allow them to speak up on behalf of students and communities.

His thoughts are his own.

He’s also a great guy and funny as hell.

– S. Egan





7 thoughts on “About the author – Stu Egan

  1. Hi Stu!
    I found your blog via WaPo and am so happy to meet a like-minded colleague. I am currently an Elementary Principal – with a passion about the journey toward enlightened minds (especially through theatre). I appreciate your voice.

    Looking forward to connecting for the cause,
    Vickie Echols


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  3. Thank you for your voice in these challenging times for public education and the teaching profession. I am sharing your blog with as many citizens as I can. In about ten years, we are all going to sadly look back at this time and ask, How and why did we allow this country to destroy public education–the institution that forms the bedrock of our Democracy?
    A former high school Shakespeare teacher and now the director of a small teacher education program, trying to be hopeful for my many students and future teachers, but feeling rather sad this week,

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