2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Fellow NC Teachers Makes the Washington Post

  1. Math, physics, chemistry are mastered by accumulating knowledge which must be tested to establish the ability to advance. One does not have to master Chaucer to understand Shakespeare. America’s worst schools spend the most per student. It is wildly irrational to argue that higher spending will improve results. LGBT activists deny 3000 years of Western cultural norms and demand schools inflict their perverse philosophy on the large majority that is morally conventional. Public school teachers’ politics vary from liberal to leftist-extremist, from left of to extremely far left of the American political center which is were parents en mass are, the political center.


    • I appreciate your comment but I disagree. It isn’t a matter in NC of throwing money at schools but adequately funding them. Thank you for assuming my political leanings but 3000 years of western civilization norms also allow for slavery and no women’s rights if taken as a whole.


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