My Little Trumpony – Twilight Sparkle Combover

In the wake of the plagiaristic controversy that seems to have engulfed Melania Trump’s speech last night at the RNC, many in Trump’s campaign are trying to find some sort of explanation to diffuse the situation.

Chris Christie saw no link whatsoever between Mrs. Trump’s speech and Mrs. Obama’s from 2008. Of course he saw no correlation between a bridge and a scandal. Trump’s campaign manager claimed that Melania’s words were so common in the conversation of the American Dream that she could not have even copied them.

But we never heard from Mrs. Trump herself. Maybe she would have said,

  • “The sun was in my eyes.”
  • “I was so overcome with positive emotions that I just said the most inspirational lines ever that came to mind.”
  • “It was on the teleprompter.”
  • “Who better to quote than Michelle?”
  • “Michelle said I could use them as my own.”
  • “Michelle doesn’t own words!”
  • “I was so tired when I didn’t write the speech.”
  • “Someone else wrote it. I only read it once.”
  • “Someone must have gone ahead in a time machine and saw me say these original words in the future and then went back and said it in a 2008 speech to make it look like I actually plagiarized it here in 2016!”

But the best explanation ever as reported on ( was offered by Sean Spicer. He said,

“We’re talking about 70 words, three passages,” Spicer told Wolf Blitzer on CNN Tuesday.

“Melania Trump said, ‘the strength of your dreams and willingness to work for them.’ Twilight Sparkle from ‘My Little Pony’ said, ‘This is your dream. Anything you can do in your dreams, you can do now,’ ” Spicer said.

That’s fantastic. Innocent Twilight Sparkle.

Little Sparkle

It seems that Sean Spicer might either be a “Brony”, the parent of a child who not only watches “My Little Pony” but watches them constantly and collects the dolls, or he has pulled off the greatest strawman argument ever.

But one does have to think a little about the correlation between Twilight Sparkle and Trump. It might even be the best fundraising idea in politics ever.

Each “My Little Pony” usually comes with a comb to brush the luscious, copious amounts of mane and horse hair that each “My Little Pony” has. Hours are passed away grooming that hair.

Hours of grooming. Brushing of hair to create that unnatural look.

Well now you have it  – The Twilight Sparkle Combover.


It will be huge.