The Scarlet Letter(s) of Donald Trump

With a convulsive motion, he tore away the ministerial band from before his breast. It was revealed! But it were irreverent to describe that revelation. For an instant, the gaze of the horror-stricken multitude was concentrated on the ghastly miracle; while the minister stood, with a flush of triumph in his face, as one who, in the crisis of acutest pain, had won a victory. Then, down he sank upon the scaffold! Hester partly raised him, and supported his head against her bosom. Old Roger Chillingworth knelt down beside him, with a blank, dull countenance, out of which the life seemed to have departed.The Scarlet Letter, Chapter 23

This passage occurs in the last scaffold scene of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel, The Scarlet Letter. Arthur Dimmesdale finally confesses his sin in broad daylight identifying himself as the father of the “illegitimate” Pearl, having hidden a secret intimate relationship with a married woman named Hester Prynne. He literally ascends the scaffold, bears his chest, and reveals his own scarlet “A”, a homemade, etched-in  tattoo to match the one worn publicly by Hester from the beginning of the book on her breast.


The book centers on the power of secret sin – how our outsides match our insides. By the time Dimmesdale confesses, so much life has been sucked out of him that he literally dies moments later.

Catharsis at its best.

And he gains some measure of salvation and forgiveness from God. And if we think about it, we all wear some sort of scarlet letter on our chests.

In this gothically charged dark romance of an election season, it might be interesting to consider another man who has the opportunity to publicly reveal his transgressions before they end his political life – Donald Trump.

Except in the case of one Donald Trump, he may need to carve the entire alphabet into his large chest to begin to cover the range of his wrongdoings.


On the scaffold known as the national stage, Trump’s story contains as much if not more dramatic irony that Hawthorne’s novel. Readers know of Dimmesdale’s secret as the American public seems to know about Trump’s transgressions.

  • A = Arrogance. The pride, hubris, and arrogance has simply been the hallmark of this campaign.
  • B = “Bigly” and Birther. What the hell kind of word is “bigly”? But that pales in comparison with the birther conspiracy theory that Trump birthed and nurtured for years.
  • C – Combover. Please. Just accept the hairline.
  • D – Denegration of others. Trump blames everybody else except himself.
  • E – Excess. It is not the wealth, but the display of the wealth.
  • F – Faulty Really?
  • G – Grab them by the P***y. No explanation needed.
  • H – Hats and “Hombres.” First, those are really ugly hats. Secondly, using derogatory words to describe people he claims to cater to is probably not the best choice of diction.
  • I – Iowa.  The people there are stupid? Really? According to Nate Silver, it may go to Clinton.
  • J – John McCain. Dude, he is a war hero. Not many men have done as much for their country.
  • K – KellyAnne Conway. Her mouth is trying to cash checks that Trump’s mouth has been writing and she knows that they are bad checks.
  • L – Lies. That’s the truth.
  • M – Megyn Kelly. You brought that on yourself, Mr. Trump.
  • N – Nasty Woman. Fits in with “No one has greater respect for women than I do.”
  • – Opulence. See “E.”
  • P – Piggie. Really? Has Trump looked in a mirror?
  • Q – Querrulous . A fancy word that means “thin-skinned.”
  • R – Rigged. Waiting for the proof of this one.
  • S – Sniffing. He starts doing that when you get all huffy and puffy.
  • T – Tan. Not real.
  • U – University, Trump University. That went well.
  • V – Violence. Rallies – plain and simple. Inciting people to act with guns.
  • W – Women. Video tape and accusations. Coincidence?
  • X – Xenophobia. No explanation needed.
  • Y – Yuge. Trump has used this word so much, it may actually go in the dictionary.
  • Z – Zero taxes. Illegal immigrants may actually be paying more federal taxes than you.

Luckily for Dimmesdale, he confesses. Will Trump do the same?

Yes, I understand that  Trump is not the only one who walks around with a “secret” sin. This post is a total judgement call on him by me. And I will be glad to wear a scarlet “J” upon my breast is needed.

In fact, I will wear it while I go vote on November 8th.