National Red Head Day With My Ginger Brigade


November 5th is “National Love Your Red Hair Day”.

I don’t have red hair, but I live in a house where everyone else has red hair, even the dog. Maybe that qualifies me to talk about living with red heads and the boundless recessive genes they either display or carry.

Simply put, I have a Ginger Brigade in my house that I am very partial to. However, there are some “myths” and characteristics that I believe I may have insight into just in case you needed to know.

  1. Red heads have no souls. This is false.

Sure they have souls. However, those souls may not be their own.

There is a comical joke that says every time a red head steals a soul, then another freckle appears on his/her face. Both my kids and my wife have an abundance of freckles. Very soulful people.


But is it not interesting that Malcolm reaches out for me when I am not looking with a maniacal laugh?

  1. Worldwide, only 2% of people have red hair. This is true.

But most of them have brown eyes. All three red headed people under my roof have blue eyes, which is actually very rare. Apparently, I carry some recessive genes myself to be able to pass along to both my kids. By the way, red hair and blue eyes are a stunning combination. My wife is gorgeous woman. My kids look like her.

I simply have a nice personality and take care of spiders.

  1. People with red hair are more sensitive to pain. Not true in my house.

The non-red head in the house is the wimpiest person in the house. My wife has a high tolerance to pain. Malcolm would rather play basketball than deal with pain.

  1. Red heads do not get gray hair as fast as other people do. This is true.


  1. According to, the ancient Greeks believed that redheads became vampires after they died. To be determined.

However, my wife has every Anne Rice book ever written; therefore, I have a sunlamp ready to go.

  1. Red hair is thought to be the sign of a witch. This is a maybe.

But I am not a Puritan and Glenda from the Wizard of Oz and Hermione Granger have taught me that it might be a good thing to have a witch on my side.

  1. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world at 13%. Ireland is at 10%. The United States has the largest number of redheads. This is true.

And Forsyth County, NC seems to have the largest population of red heads anywhere I know of. But, I live there.

  1. Red heads can make more of their own Vitamin D. True.

But a supplement never hurts.

  1. Queen Elizabeth was a ginger. Yep.

And she kicked ass.

  1. Ginger Snaps are made from red heads. This is false.

That would mean you are eating vampiric cookies. But Ginger Snaps can be made and eaten by red heads.

  1. Ginger Ale is made from red heads. Again, false.

That’s ridiculous and gross.

Every day is actually “National Love Your Red Head Day” in my house, and maybe I am a tad bit jealous of my family’s unique beauty, I think I am a little more jealous that they actually have hair.