Top Ten Trump University Mascot Possibilities

Donald Trump recently as President-Elect elected to pay out $25 million dollars to settle lawsuits against possible fraudulent actions involving Trump University.

And while Trump University is no more, the thoughts that it could have had the best athletic program money could buy (no pun intended), it would be interesting to think of what mascot those teams would call themselves.

Here are the top ten.

  1. The Combovers – Imagine the helmets and the hats.
  2. The Madoffs – The coach would be named Bernie.
  3. The Towers – Gives a nod to the buildings on campus.
  4. The Apprentices – If NBC would give permission.
  5. The Snifflers – Think of the rallying cry!
  6. The Red Hats – Get it?
  7. The Deal Makers – A nod to the book he never really wrote.
  8. The Wall  – And I don’t mean in that Pink Floyd way.
  9. The Steak Sellers – Should be plenty of Trump Steaks to use for pregame meals.
  10. The Signature Collection – All uniforms would be Made in the USA in a foreign country.