“Mother So Dear” – For You Middle-Aged Wake Forest Demon Deacons

I am fortunate enough to actually live literally two miles from the campus of Wake Forest University, where I was fortunate enough to attend school. Regularly, I do back to campus. In fact, I actually seek excuses to go back to campus.

I am proud of the efforts that the university has made to become more diverse and to make more of a presence in the community. The motto “Pro Humanitate” seems to have taken a deeper hold in the school culture. The university’s outreach into the Winston-Salem community has been more deliberate.

However, walking on campus there are some glaring changes that come along with growing and adapting to a 21st Century global society. Yet, there are still some things that I remember from my time at Wake that may truly be unique to my fellow middle-aged, but young in spirit Demon Deacons.

  1. The smell of tobacco in the air from RJR at the end of a day of class.
  2. The Snack Pit.
  3. The law school was on Manchester Plaza before it was Manchester Plaza.
  4. All home ACC-basketball games were in Greensboro.
  5. You walked up steps to get into the library.
  6. The computer labs (Vegas) only had Macs.
  7. When Rodney Rogers and Randolph Childress walked onto campus.
  8. The “Grapple in the Chapel” presidential debate of ’88.
  9. There were no sororities – just societies.
  10. Doctor’s notes to have an air-conditioner in your window.
  11. Dr. Smiley walking on campus.
  12. Dr. Wilson’s classes full on Friday afternoons.
  13. Project Pumpkin started.
  14. There was a road through Davis field.
  15. Trays from the Pit used as sleds when it snowed.
  16. Concerts in Wait Chapel.
  17. Pizza Hut came to campus.
  18. Movies were shown on DeTamble.
  19. Ed Christman knew your name.
  20. Dorm rooms got actual phone jacks.
  21. The ACC had only teams that were actually on the Atlantic Coast.
  22. No one knew the Alma Mater except “Dear Old Wake Forest” and “Mother So Dear.”
  23. No last names on football jerseys.
  24. Singing performances during Greek Week.
  25. Beginning of the year scrambling for Freshman chapbooks.
  26. Human Sexuality (Psychology class) surveys released.
  27. Magic Mouthwash.



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  1. Stu,

    For some reason I thought of the snack pit, googled it, and your post was on the first page of results.




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