Musings With Malcolm – FISHLIPS and the Joy of Your Own Kid’s Laughter


I am a father who has no problem showing public displays of affection to my children. I sometimes will hug my own daughter when I see her at school whether other students observe it or not.

And I will hug and kiss my son when I see him.

And I think it is a manly thing to do because Malcolm willingly receives that affection and in most every case he will return it.

That’s priceless.

There is a common perception that children with Down Syndrome are “lovebugs” who generally hug and love on anyone who allows them to.

That’s not always true. Malcolm is actually very selective with whom he shows affection or even acknowledges. If you get a hug or any sort of response from him that indicates that he genuinely wants your attention, then consider yourself honored. He does not really do that to many people who are not his age.

So, even though I am the pater familias, I still find it rather flattering that my kids want to spend time with me.

Add to that, there may be no better sound in all of the world than the genuine laughter of your own children.

There are those endearing games that you can play with your kids that always elicit laughter no matter when played.

“Fishlips” is one of those games that I play with Malcolm.