“I Am Groot” – Actually, “We Are Groot”

If you have not seen the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, then do it just to see the dynamic relationship between Rocket, an irascible wise-cracking, yet butt-kicking raccoon, and his lovable life partner, Groot.

To describe Groot is not easy. He is an organic, tree figure, who possesses the ability to grow quickly and regenerate.  It seems in the movie that he sacrifices his own life for the sake of the rest of the Guardians, but being the kind of cool piece of wood he is, if only a twig of him remains, he can grow back into our lovable Groot.

But it is not only the sacrificial nature of our subject that makes Groot so special. It’s the fact that he represents so much more than his arboreal exterior.

His ability to quickly adapt to the situation, whether through massive growth or control of other flora, allows him to have a supernatural control that extends beyond the normal. Groot seems to tap into a well of strength and energy that no other can to help bring closure to evil threats.


Something has to give him that energy. It must be The Force. But that is from another movie.

And of course, he can kick some major ass when called upon.

Supposedly Groot says only one phrase consisting of three words:

“I am Groot.”

Yet, according to many of the geeky websites that I researched in obtaining a novice background of the Guardians and other Marvel movies that I have engulfed, I did come across the idea that while Groot only says the one phrase he says it differently to convey a complexity of communication.

  • Think about Chewbacca. Wookie talk seems simple, but Han and Luke respond with intricacy.
  • The teacher in the Peanuts cartoons seems to be relating a lot of things even though we viewers are left in the dark.
  • And who can really understand Blue from Blue’s Clues? Apparently Steve and Joe can.

However, no matter what, Groot speaks his truth. And his actions speak more than words from the most complex vocabulary ever could.

In the final scenes of the first movie he literally grows into a cocoon to shield the other Guardians from certain doom. Rocket becomes an emotional wreck of a rodent. He believes he is losing his best friend, who is sacrificing his life to save Rocket’s and the others. And then Groot delivers what is the most emotional line of the movie.

Rocket Raccoon : No, Groot! You’ll die! Why are you doing this? Why?

[Groot uses a thin branch to wipe away Rocket’s tears]

Groot: *We* are Groot.

There is more “we” in this world than just “me.” Groot naturally understands that. In fact, he doesn’t go around and explain it, he lives it, and when the need arises, he regenerates himself from a sapling to become “I am Groot” again.

Which of course means – SEQUEL!


Maybe what I am suggesting is that we need to be part of Groot. Protect our environment more. Stop our wasting it and let it regenerate itself.

If we love our Groot, it will love us back.

And save us.