We Need John McCain to be a Hero Again

I have not agreed with Sen. John McCain’s assessments of how our country should act in many situations, but I have never doubted that he has had only the best in mind when it does come to our country. Political affiliations aside, he is a true patriot.

I do not believe there is anyone in the Senate who has done more for his country in a lifetime than McCain has. He has literally risked life and limb fighting for what his country asked him to do.

This is his last term in a long career of public service, and we are once again facing a totalitarian power determined on forcing the will of the people to bend to the greed of a few powerful people. Ironically that power is not necessarily confined to just the boundaries of a country, but within a mindset preserved by the greedy and the egotistical.

A good friend of mine, John deVille, put it better than I could when he said that right now Sen. John McCain is “the champion we have. His mercurial mix of alpha male,  recklessness,   deep sense of patriotism, and a  capacity to take a beating, informs and armors him.

And along with Mr. deVille, I am asking that Sen. McCain get “bloody” again for our country.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the CIA concluded the Russians intentionally hacked into American politics to help get Trump elected. FBI Director Comey probably altered the perception of what the truth that never was, and there has been the constant flow of intel that links Trump allies with Russia.

If that makes me a conspiracy theorist, then I will shut up as soon as an actual wall financed by Mexico is built thirty feet high on the border, every coal job is brought back to West Virginia, and every illegitimate vote cast by an illegal alien has been counted and verified.

If there is ever a need for checks and balances, then it is now. With a president-elect who refuses to devote his whole self to the job of becoming president, who refuses intelligence reports more often than refusing interviews with the New York Times, and who tweets more venom than building diplomatic ties, we need a champion.

Or a group of them. Especially those who remember a day when the rise of totalitarianism threatened the very sanctity of our country and of much of the world.

I think of Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation. I think of my own grandparents. I think of those who stared down Hitler, the rise of Communism, and McCarthyism and fought back to preserve what was truly American. I think of John Glenn who passed away this past week, a man who had the “right stuff” and launched our country into a new age with courage without stepping on anyone in doing it.

And then I think of who embodies that right now with what America faces, and John McCain’s face appears.

He is on his last term. And he has never shied away from a mission for his country.

And veteran senators, especially republicans like Grassley, Hatch, Alexander, and Graham should join him on that mission and show the younger lawmakers who lack their perspective and life experience that what is happening now must be checked and countered now.