The Best Depiction of Love in Movies

Today is Valentine’s Day – flowers, candy, cards, special meals, and love notes.

Sometimes, however, I am reminded that the real love that I share for another human being doesn’t really need a holiday.

This past year two of my best friends lost their significant others – one to cancer, the other to organ failure. And when I talk to both of them, they still speak so lovingly of their missed ones.

The love they shared was seen in the everyday – the pauses, the looks, the sweat in working things out, the willingness to be open, and the courage to let the other be human and make mistakes.

I have read enough books, seen enough movies, and heard enough songs to have a pretty good idea that true love doesn’t necessarily have to have the right description, the right camera angles, or the right notes to make others see what makes two people be in love.

It’s in the actions of the everyday. But if we’re going to refer to movies, we might as well look at what I consider one of the greatest examples of love.

And they are not even real people.



I know. It’s sad in the end. But the love kept him going.

And I respect that.

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