The UnFAIR VANITY of Betsy DeVos

I have never read the William Makepeace Thackery Victorian novel Vanity Fair.

Never will. But I would like to meet someone whose middle name is Makepeace.

My understanding is that it is a somewhat satirical look at English society, but when I look at the title, I immediately think of the iconic magazine Vanity Fair which comes out monthly and has some of the best covers a magazine rack can hold.

And it has a good reputation for journalistic integrity.

Image result for vanity fair cover

This month’s issue has a small feature in it’s “Hive” section which is a nice little title for what is “buzzing” in the country.

On Betsy DeVos. It is entitled “IN SEARCH OF THE ELUSIVE BETSY DEVOS – The Education Secretary seems be ducking the press.”

In keeping with holding public figures accountable to the public (i.e. Mark Johnson – , this offers a very good look into the purposeful reluctance to be seen with members of the press by DeVos.

It’s worth the read.