Every Public School Advocate in North Carolina Should Read This Perspective …

…because it perfectly frames the platitudinous, over-cliched, trite, and banal argument offered by those who favor the privatization of public education in North Carolina.

It is John Hood’s latest missive featured on EdNC.org entitled “Exaggeration won’t stop school choice” (https://www.ednc.org/2017/07/31/exaggeration-wont-stop-school-choice/).

And while you may catch the use of words like “choice” and “competition,” maybe look for words like:

  • “accountability”
  • “oversight”
  • “collaboration”
  • “equal accessibility”

Be sure to think of special sessions, lack of debate, lack of regulation, falling per pupil expenditures, removal of due-process, low pay for veteran teachers, and budget cuts when you read that last paragraph:

“Let’s calm down and discuss this rationally.”

And just remember that the General Assembly who enabled the very “choice” options Hood is praising was just told to redraw its gerrymandered districts within a month because they were ruled racially biased on the very day this perspective was probably given to EdNC.org to post.

Also, this is the very same General Assembly that had its voter ID law ruled unconstitutional as well.

Now that’s giving people choices.

And that’s about as calm and rational as I can put it.