What 5.5 Million Could Have Done for Public Schools

The following table was released by the North Carolina Senate Democrats today in conjunction with the first “meeting” of the committee to redraw gerrymandered district lines.


That’s five and one-half million dollars to defend something that was declared unconstitutional.

Last week, the State Board of Education began to initiate cuts in the amount of $3.2 million for the Department of Public Instruction. Those cuts will most adversely affect rural districts in the state that rely on the state for services that more populated areas can pay for locally.

The median salary for a teacher assistant in North Carolina (according to Sokanu referencing the US Dept. of Labor) is $22,780.


The state could finance over 240 more teacher assistant jobs with %5.5 million.

This past year the state spent $6115 per student in NC.  The amount of money paid to defend the state for a blatantly unconstitutional law would cover the costs of almost 900 students in the eyes of the very General Assembly that says $6115 is enough for each student.


Think of how many more textbooks could be bought.

Think of how that could help to save the specialties in elementary schools.

Think of how that might help keep good principals in schools.

Now, think of the money the state gave to Mark Johnson to fight the state school board in a power struggle and the money they gave him to hire people.

Think of the money given to vouchers that have not shown to be effective but mostly go to religious schools affiliated with organizations that even do not have to pay taxes.

And what the hell did Ogletree do that warrants over $4.3 million?