He Speaks! But Says Nothing – Mark Johnson’s Interview With Carolina Journal

Earlier today, Mark Johnson tweeted the following self-promoting plug that touts the past to explain his lack of action on the present and lack of vision for the future. 

It doesn’t take much to realize that there is nothing  Johnson has done that has provided any “change” to the status quo. In fact, he has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the policies that those in power in Raleigh have enforced on public education here in North Carolina like Sen. Phil Berger whose birthday was this past week. 

And Johnson made sure to celebrate it. 

Nothing screams “I am for not changing what is happening in public education” like celebrating Phil Berger’s birthday. 

If you click on the link in Johnson’s tweet mentioned earlier, you will be directed to a transcript of an interview Johnson actually gave – to the Art Pope/John Hood affiliated Carolina Journal. 

In what seems to be a series of softball questions (slow-pitch) thrown to a man against no defense in the field, Johnson literally shows us that he has done nothing. 

Nebulous. Noncommittal. Lack of specificity. 

And a fear of actual teachers. 

Take a look at how he answered the question concerning his communication with NCAE. 

I will go on a limb here and say that many concerns have been communicated. 

The problem is that those concerns have gone in one ear and out the other of Mark Johnson. 

Seems that Johnson is ready to make sure that we have “more of the same.”

But it is nice to see him actually talk to some sort of media outlet even though it is akin to Trump giving an interview to Hannity.