A Bye Week Just Means More Time To Prepare

It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters. – Paul “Bear” Bryant.

The second season starts tonight for high school football as many teams from this area are preparing to play in the first round.

And we finally have some football weather to accompany the playoffs.

If preparation means anything to a team, then the fact that some teams have a bye week is  just another way of saying that there’s more that we can prepare for.

Whether that means physically getting ready and letting some injuries heal, watching more film to see how you can improve, or running some other sets to see how well you can match up against new competition, not playing does not mean that you really have an off-night.

It means you work on the other facets of the game that make you fully ready to compete when the whistle sounds.

Every team now has the same record. And for many players and teams, playoffs bring out the best.

They prepare to be at their best.

That means prepare everyday. Like today.

Because having a bye week is having another day to prepare.

Go Titans!