Save Our Public Schools NC – Holiday Card Bonanza

Wanted to make you aware of this. Good people doing good things for great kids. Please consider helping.

SAve Schools Christmas Card

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Our North Carolina elected officials have persistently failed to prioritize public schools across our State. Strong public schools lead to increased home values, economic growth and stable communities. [Read below for a quick history on the K-3 Mandate.]

This holiday season, add your NC House Representative and NC State Senator to your holiday card list. Let’s make sure our representatives see the faces of the children in their districts who will be affected by the#ClassSizeChaos

1. Mark up your card using our slogan: “Fix The #ClassSizeChaos” and include your kids’ grade level, school name or favorite special. 
Include language stating the K-3 Mandate needs to be fixed in January 2018.

2. Have an extra minute? Include a message about how the #ClassSizeChaos will affect your family or school. Remind them that you vote and care about public schools.

If you don’t have family photo cards, send a regular card, holiday card, New Years card, post card, child’s drawing/artwork — heck, send a piece of scrap paper lying around, we don’t care! Just write to your two NC State representatives letting them know to Fix The #ClassSizeChaos in January 2018!

Wait. You need their addresses! Find out who represents you by inserting your address into the map here:

Quick History: In Spring 2017, the NC General Assembly passed an unfunded K-3 class size mandate which will require smaller class sizes in K-3 for ALL North Carolina elementary schools.

But wait! Aren’t smaller class sizes desirable? Of course. But the mandate lacked discussion with educational professionals and districts across the State and IT NEEDED FUNDING. Imagine smaller K-3 class sizes, but with the following potential impacts across our State:

– Eliminating Art, PE, Music, and Technology jobs to create $$ to pay new K-3 teachers
– 4th and 5th grade class sizes could swell to greater than 29:1 students: teacher ratio
– Middle & High School teaching jobs are cut, leading to larger class sizes to free up $$ to pay new K-3 teachers
– Specials (art, music, tech, languages, etc.) taught by unqualified K-3 teachers

Without funding, this legislation will ultimately diminish the overall educational experience of our children.
Interested in how to make a greater impact? Join our FB page: Save Our Schools NC for more information, ask questions and find answers regarding the K-3 Statewide mandate, and help us advocate for public schools across North Carolina!