Grace Under Fire – A Thank You to NC Attorney General Josh Stein

If you are in any way, shape, or form someone who advocates for public education here in the state of North Carolina, you might very have a debt of gratitude to Josh Stein.

For someone who has presented himself as a tireless leader for North Carolina, I am even more amazed at what he has accomplished considering the selfish majority in the North Carolina General Assembly that has gone out of its way to be an obstacle including reducing the budget for the Attorney General’s Office.

My first introduction to Josh Stein’s work came in the summer of 2015, when as a state senator, he confronted Sen. Jerry Tillman in a meeting about deregulating charter school growth. He went on to win a statewide election against staunch conservative Buck Newton in a year that saw Trump carry the state for the race to the White House.

In his less-than-one year tenure with a budget that has been deeply slashed, Stein has helped lead the fight against several initiates that many in Raleigh champion.

He has joined federal lawsuits against the elimination of the DACA Act, against stopping ACA subsidiaries, against Betsy DeVos for her repeal of student loan protections and promotion of for-profit education, as well as fighting the opioid crisis.

And while he may not be in a classroom teaching today, he did teach in Zimbabwe for two years, both English and economics.

Actually, that makes him just as experienced as our own state superintendent who with a slashed budget and a law degree himself has chosen to be passive and complicit to the NCGA’s wishes.

Not Stein.

What this teacher sees is someone who understands that the physical, mental, financial, and emotional health of our students has so much to do with how well they can learn.

Josh Stein is fighting for our students as much as anyone.

I am thankful for that.