“Village of Champions” – Clemmons, NC Needs One More Sign

It is not uncommon to drive through a town or municipality and observe under a “city limit” sign a nod to a local public high school’s (or schools’) accomplishment in winning a state championship.

It is a sign of pride. It is a way of honoring schools and the students.

It also shows that the community loves its schools.

There is one high school that has been associated with the Village of Clemmons for the past 50+ years : West Forsyth High School.

And in the last four years alone, it has garnered state six team state championships in baseball, softball, track & field, soccer, and wrestling. West even won a state championship in mountain biking last year. That does not even include individual championships.

What if someone drove through Clemmons and saw the “city limit” sign and also saw something that honored these championships won by the students from the village that helped to put Clemmons on the map in the minds of many across the state? How could that not be positive?

And it doesn’t have to just be limited to sports. Think of the band or JROTC. If a state championship is won by any “team” at West Forsyth, then maybe add to that list and let all people who drive by see the pride in the school.

And it also applies to any town and any city whether it has one or many schools.

Any way to show a community’s pride in its schools is worth it.

Imagine something like this:


Associated with this:



Just a thought.