Every Day is a Snow Day at West Forsyth

“Football’s made to be played in all types of weather. I’m not sure what everybody else does, but they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do. But at West Forsyth that’s not the way we roll.” – Coach Adrian Snow, August 30, 2017 in the Winston-Salem Journal.

To be a successful high school football coach you have to know more than drawing up plays and coming up with a Friday night game plan.

You have got to be more than that.

Such as:

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Public Relations Guru
  • Conversationalist
  • Master of Colloquialism and Jargon
  • Adjuster
  • Thinker
  • Tinkerer
  • Raconteur
  • Community icon
  • Prognosticator

and sometimes a meteorologist.

Take for instance today. With the talk centering on an upcoming blizzard of a couple of inches of possible frozen precipitation many of us were in a daxed state of confusion about what to do.

The only thing we really needed to do at West Forsyth was listen to someone who not only knows the elements, but thrives in all of its manifestations.


Before the school system called off school in light of a winter storm, Coach Snow already made the call that tomorrow would be a “Snow” day.

Look at that picture above. That’s literally green fields, green leaves, and sunshine. AND SNOW! Talk about your climate change.


See this picture? That’s Coach Snow explaining to three refs in a football game how it is possible to have “Snow” on a warm night in Clemmons. They are not just amazed. They are flabbergasted.

He’s literally giving them a lesson in persuasion, climate, weather, and physics all the while letting them know that he forgives them for making a horrible call during a football game that he would have played no matter what the elements were doing.

Because West Forsyth plays in any weather if allowed.

Is it raining? West will play.

Is it windy? West will play.

Is there a named storm in the vicinity? West will play.

And is there snow? West certainly will play.

Why? Because at West Forsyth every day is a “Snow” day.

Oh, and there’s one more thing that a good football coach is. That’s being someone committed to the intellectual growth of students. That’s why in his weather forecast, Coach Snow told everyone to finish the first semester strong.

Because two strong semesters let you play all four quarters, all eight innings, both halves, and any overtime or extra innings needed.

And eight strong semesters get you a good start in life.