May 16th Was Just the Beginning – Now the Work Really Begins – Red4EdNC

The question “So, where does it go from here?” seems to be the most asked question since the end of the May 16th Advocacy March and Rally in Raleigh. Ironically, this is not just a question for the General Assembly, but for many teachers in NC.

That “where we go from here” isn’t just about physical action and overt advocacy. It’s more than that.

It’s mental as well. It means viewing May 16th as a singular moment in a much larger movement, one that hopefully will culminate in a favorable November election season where a pro-public General Assembly will be elected and undo what has been a systemically slow cut to our public schools.

That kind of mindset helps to guide proactive actions.

It can help teachers and advocates to be more mindful in shedding a light on issues that truly affect public schools: per-pupil funding, vouchers, teacher pay, and numerous others. That can be done by writing lawmakers, op-eds in newspapers, or simply talking with voters.

Ultimately it means getting connected with others who also advocate. As each public school is a foundational institution in the community it serves, groups of teachers who work collaboratively can create great positive change – contagious positive change.

Just look at May 16th. The collective group as a whole is so much stronger than the sum of our individual parts. We must stay connected.

One of the ways to connect with other groups of teachers is to go to and register  to be part of a community of teachers and advocates already linked together with a mission to keep people informed and aware.


The hope is that each county in NC will have people registered which will ensure that all school systems here are connected. That’s crucial as the NC General Assembly’s summer session is convening and people all over need to be kept up to date with pending legislation and mandates.

Think of it as creating a digital foundation to keep teachers informed and motivated to continue what May 16th helped to start.

Think of it as making a moment into a series of more moments that transforms into a movement.

Our students depend on us outside of the classroom as well.

I ask you to visit the site and consider registering.