The First Movie I Will Show Next School Year: “A Confederacy of Redundancies” – To Be Filmed This Summer

If you have never read the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, A Confederacy of Dunces, then do yourself a favor and get a copy. It’s exquisite. It’s about an out-of-shape anti-hero who sells hot dogs and frets over a supposed heart-condition in New Orleans who is courting a radical gal from New York and ultimately survives a parrot attack. No kidding.

A top-five all time book for me.

confed of dunces

It’s the nonsensical element that drives this book and its ability to showcase a lot of the meaningless fodder that we as humans give so much power to.

We seem to be living in our own alternate reality here in NC as well, with the current General Assembly gathered to pass bills that make no sense in a non-democratic fashion to preserve a level of insanity that makes North Carolina politics a spectacle for the entire nation.

One of those is from Rep. Justin Burr. Rep. Burr, a five-time incumbent to the North Carolina General Assembly who was recently defeated in his primary for another term, has filed a bill in the General Assembly to force local school boards to provide a list of all movies shown in any classroom in the district to the state superintendent’s office.

So, what if someone made a movie about a North Carolina educator that is shot in another state because of the state’s treatment of the film industry. The main character is a veteran traditional public school teacher who had to start a campaign just to get supplies and resources for his own classes. Complicating the situation is the fact that he has to use the paycheck from his second job to help with his own expenses since his property taxes went up so precipitously because the local city / county had to raise them to support the charter schools in his area. He is also keeping his brother’s pet parrot at his house that routinely squawks out “educationalese” including words like “EVAAS,” “data-driven,” and “standards” in high pitches at great volume.

The movie would open up with a scene that has the teacher sitting at his desk looking over the testing schedule for which he must administrate and proctor for eight straight sessions over a period of two school weeks. On the bookshelf behind him are a set of textbooks whose spines are held together with duct tape and on the wall behind him to the right is a nicely framed certificate that states, “In God We Trust.” On the desk is a box that contains an empty gun holster bought by the gun lobby that is to be used for carrying a firearm if and when the state government passes a new law that would require him to not only carry a weapon, but also purchase it for himself along with the “professional development” needed.

Then the bell rings.

36 students walk in.

There are only 32 desks.

It would be called Confederacy of Redundancies.

I would shown it first day of school. That way it would be the first movie on my list that would be reported to Raleigh.

And I would send a copy to Rep. Burr.




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