According To This Gentleman, Teachers Are Going to Strike In October And They Don’t Know It Yet! Concerning Conspiracy Theories and Slippery Slopes.

Apparently, there is to be a HUGE teacher strike in October. News of the covert actions to bring such an event together started here:


Yes. It is real.

And then because everything that gets published on the internet is true, it grew into this from a gentleman who was on the Facebook thread of the above posting. He then constructed a letter to the editor that may be the basis of teaching both hyperbole and slippery slope this next fall in a logical fallacy lesson.

In fact, he wanted it to be shared. So, I am.


The “flyer” he is referring to is this.


Maybe the month of October is written in invisible font that only Mr. Goetze and his friends can see. Couple that with the insinuated guess that every time the word “collective” appears it makes him automatically think of “leftist unionizers” and you get this kind of missive.

But its worth hearing out someone who has never taught in public schools and who is not part of Red4EdNC but is certainly sure of what he is talking about.

Even though he doesn’t.

His words are in bold.

“It is time to school our teachers. Apparently they aren’t smart enough to understand the law.” Admittedly, I am not a lawyer. Something tells me that Mr. Goetze is not one either. But there is Article IX in the North Carolina State Constitution that expressly instructs the NC General Assembly to fully fund our public schools. The NCGA is not, and they are full of lawyers. In fact, many of the actions they have performed have been declared unconstitutional and unlawful. Is that because they do not understand the law?

And the last time I checked, teachers have First Amendment rights as well. In fact, part of our job is to advocate for students and schools.

“Are they seduced that easily by liberal organizers who find them useful pawns in advancing their own political agenda?” If having our public schools fully funded is a liberal agenda, then I am guilty. If advocating for students, teachers, and public schools makes me a gullible pawn, then so be it.

“Case in point. Every teacher who left the classroom recently to march in Raleigh broke the law. Administrators who knowingly facilitated their absence to do so became co-conspirators, along with every other person who helped to organize it. NC General Statute § 95-98 forbids collective bargaining by all public employees, including teachers. Strikes, walkouts and even work slowdowns are expressly prohibited by it.” I must have missed my court date or unknowingly broke out of my handcuffs or even a jail cell.

Actually, the march in May was not breaking the law. I, like so many other teachers, put in for a personal day which I am allowed to do. I happened to do it for May 16th. A number of other teachers ( thousands actually) used their rightful request for a personal day as well and we all met in Raleigh for peaceful demonstration. It was all lawful. Apparently, we are smart enough to understand the law.

In fact, I don’t recall a single arrest that day.

“Actually, our Legislators would be breaking the law by negotiating anything with such a group or their representatives, according to that statute.” But we have the right to peacefully demonstrate and call upon our representatives, do we not?

And, if Mr. Goetze has not noticed, our legislators really have a hard time just listening to us. That is unless it is election day.

“In spite of the law, both the NCAE and a cover group known as “Red4EdNC” are planning a week-long teacher strike in October just prior to the Fall elections for the expressed purpose of using those teachers to canvass neighborhoods to register voters.” I am a member of NCAE. I have not received that memo and I am wondering how Mr. Goetze became knowledgeable of that before I did. Furthermore, I am part of the Red4EdNC movement. They must have forgotten to send me a memo as well. And Red4Ed is a cover group? That one is a new one on me as well.

I also did not know we were going to spend a week canvassing voters during school days in October. But if we do, maybe we should canvass Mr. Goetze’s neighborhood. However, according to his Facebook account, he doesn’t even live in the state.

“Their websites make it clear that they intend to apply pressure after the election on the new Legislature to meet their demands on various issues despite that being an illegal act.” Which websites? How is that clear? If the legislature is new, then wouldn’t that mean that those people who have hurt public education would have been voted out? In fact, this old legislature gerrymandered the districts to try and make sure that there wasn’t a new legislature.

“When you connect the dots, it is readily apparent that two efforts share a common goal – gaining a Democrat majority in one or both houses of the Legislature this Fall and then lobbying them in the new session next year.” Which dots? The moving invisible ones that only Mr. Goetze sees?

I am still trying to figure out which week in October we are supposed to be striking. It is not apparent on those “websites.”

“Perhaps teachers aren’t smart enough to see through the smoke and mirrors. They can hand the Democrats a victory this Fall only to find out – ooops, we can’t really engage in collective bargaining with the General Assembly after all, but thanks for giving us back control over the Legislature.” There’s that slippery slope!

“It’s not about teachers and it’s certainly not about improving the education of our children.” Actually it is.

“This is just liberal politics at its worst and far too few of our teachers are smart enough to see it for what it is.” Oddly enough, advocating for strong public schools used to be the mantra of the Republican Party just a couple of decades ago. In fact, North Carolina once was considered the most progressive and best school system in the Southeast. It was a non-partisan issue.

It still is non-partisan, or at least should. Many of the teachers who marched in May are registered Republicans.

While Mr. Goetze may consider it to be a partisan issue, what public education is really is a public good protected by the state constitution.

But according to him it is now liberal politics at its worst conducted by people who aren’t even smart enough to know the difference.

This coming from a man who just took a Facebook post and inserted words to fit his narrative to create a hyperbolic conspiracy theory that feeds upon itself to the point that he writes an op-ed for everyone to share.

Well, I will share it.

And respond to it.