To All My Former Students Going Back to College

In many ways I have never stopped being your teacher, and while your time in my classroom may or may not have been the intellectual pinnacle of your academic career (although we know it was), please know that I wish you all good things.

  • Remember to go to class.
  • Major in English. Lots of money to be made.
  • Call your parents and loved ones.
  • Pizza is a three meal food.
  • Change sheets.
  • Dirty towels will make you smell.
  • Learn from others.
  • Keep up with your money.

And take this picture on this post and make a 5×7 print of it at a drug store kiosk, place it in a frame and put it on your desk at school for inspiration.


Looking at it once a day will probably raise your GPA by at least .3 points.