Fully Funding Schools Means So Much More Than Salaries. It Means…

Work or volunteer in a public school for a period of time and you will see there is so much that needs to be maintained and financed in order to just give our kids a place where they can learn.


Did you ever think of:

  • upkeep of athletic facilities
  • grounds maintenance
  • fuel
  • bus maintenance and purchasing
  • textbooks
  • insurance
  • worker’s compensation
  • contracts to outside entities
  • nutrition
  • leases
  • instructional support
  • extracurricular support
  • staff development
  • administrative costs
  • communications
  • testing and accountability
  • research and evaluation
  • financial sevices
  • human resources
  • supplies for schools
  • technology – hardware and software
  • extended day programs
  • grants for innovation
  • furniture
  • land
  • remodeling
  • advertising
  • printing
  • waste management
  • utilities
  • repairs
  • local supplements
  • and more…

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