NC Virtual Charters Still Doing Badly. Here’s An Idea for the Deputy Supt. of Innovation

virtual charter


N.C. Connections Academy is associated with the giant company Pearson. At least it is almost doing as well as the other for-profit virtual charter school in the state, N.C. Virtual Academy.

Both schools were successful in getting their contracts extended this past summer, even when Stanford University (as Billy Ball stated last year) “reported serious deficiencies in student performance nationwide in like programs” ((

Yet they are not really doing so well.

But there may be a solution.

Recently, the Innovative School District selected one school for its initial pilot program to takeover and turn around. And they are eyeing other schools to include in next year’s plan.

So it looks like a couple of schools need to be “turned around” and there is an “innovative” entity that is supposed to do those types of things possibly without a school to work with.

See the connection?

Let the ISD take over the N.C. Charter Virtual Schools.

Hell, all of the money already invested in the ISD with nothing to show for it in its other forms in other states (Tennessee being the latest) might be somehow used for keeping other failing schools from closing.

Even if it is virtual.

And by the way. North Carolina already has a public virtual school. Seems to be doing better than the virtual charters who are asking for more money.