Jersey Night At the Village

One of the most wonderful aspects of teaching where I teach is the air of inclusiveness among the students. No time is that more felt than when Malcolm and I go to a West Forsyth football game at Jerry Peoples Stadium in the Village.

For a kid who happens to have an extra chromosome and is on the autism spectrum, a large crowd of people yelling and chanting while students in uniform are on the field and on the sidelines representing our school can be rather overwhelming.

Unless, it’s home. And that exactly where this kid is when we are on the sidelines – home.

So it’s jersey night on Friday and I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early birthday present for the little man. A Titan jersey with the right number.

The average human being has 23 sets of chromosomes giving him a total of 46.

Some of us are lucky to get to hang around those who have one more to make it 47.


Go Titans!