We Needed That School Bond on the Ballot – An Intentionally Lost Opportunity to Help Public Schools

State Superintendent Mark Johnson sent out the following tweet today.


Yes, it is a good thing that there will be monies available to these school systems, but this tweet begs other questions.

Is this the same General Assembly that purposefully denied the voters in this state to decide whether or not to put a $1.9 billion dollar school bond on the ballot to help schools across the state physically update their facilities to weather the coming years?

Did Mark Johnson fight to have that school bond put on the ballot?

And why is the state making already “economically distressed districts” have to provide matching funds to be able to get any of this money to begin with?

Look closely at Hui’s original tweet:

NC Schools Supt. ⁦⁩ announces $141 million in school construction grants to 13 economically distressed districts. Instead of putting school bond on ballot, created this fund & required LEAs to provide matching cash.

That fund is there because the NCGA did not want to put it on the ballot. Now that we have had Hurricane Florence decimate much of eastern NC, counties that were already economically distressed now have to spend what little they may have in reserve to help build so much besides just the schools.

But Johnson is thanking the NCGA for this opportunity for “economically distressed” counties to buy an opportunity to get financial aid in a time of catastrophe.

Wonder how many of those school districts relied on DPI for professional development and outreach that will no longer get it because the state superintendent did not fight to stop budget cuts, but instead let positions in DPI be wiped away?